Testimonials and Reviews

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"[I am] in awe of the general quality. This thing is spectacular, hands down... I cannot express how grateful to Eric I am for setting me up with this beautiful custom piece at such a fantastic price...This is one beautiful piece of work. If you're into knives at all, give this guy a call. "--Tim, owner of a commissioned Overmountain Custom Knife

TorchLok NTOA reviews

About NTOA and TorchLok

NTOA is the National Tactical Officers Association, an impartial association where members test and review products in the field. They are scored on design, performance, ease of use, size, quality, durability, storage, versatility, convenience, application, comfort, cleaning, and application, individually, with a top score of 5 in each category. The testing agents are fair, impartial, and tough on the products. We sent each type to be tested in the field, and our score reflects a high favorability. It is a recommendation, rather than an endorsement. We are very proud of our scoring, and feel it is a very accurate representation of our TorchLok System.

"When it is placed in the holster and locked, it is rock solid. [The TorchLok is] very well made, and at no time has it given me the impression that it will not last."

"This is one of the best made, functional flashlight holsters I have owned. It is an extremely secure holster due to the locking roller design. I found these locking rollers to be far superior to the traditional Velcro or snaps and very intuitive to use... I would highly recommend it."

"This is by far one of the better products that I have seen and definitely fixes an issue with regards to drop-in flashlight holders. I would definitely recommend the holster to anyone that needs to carry a flashlight."