The Simpleton

The Simpleton

This is our latest addition to our line of bottle-opener knuckle-dusters. It features a single opening in the center with a comfortable grip, and can be used in several different manners. Even if you never use it as a duster, it is a unique piece of art and bottle opener; win-win! This is the only run of the Simpleton as it is, get yours before they're gone forever!

The Simpleton is a 6AL-4V titanium key chain bottle opener with a simple elegance. It is handmade and handfinished, with a standard of satin-feel sandblasted heat-colored finish with polished edges. It is a comfortable two-fingered knuckle duster, and features four points to attach keyrings. It could be used in a variety of ways, but we have found it to be as effective in an open-handed move as it is in a closed fist. Designed to be straight-forward and simple, and to fit larger hands and gloved fingers, the Simpleton is anything but simple, and a steal for the price!

New developments are on the horizon, and our heat coloration and finishing has evolved into a work of art. Each one is individual and unique, so you will always have a one-of-a-kind product. We offer a variety of heat-colored finishes, so please let us know what your preference is. If none is given, we will send you a beautiful surprise. Any of the heat-coloring processes and finishes are available in this newest design, we simply haven't photographed or completed all the varieties with this type yet.

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