Textile Handcuffs (3-pack)

Textile Handcuffs (3-pack)

Per 3/pk. These are an affordable textile alternative to the 'zip tie' style disposable restraints, and moonlights as a tourniquet!                                           Super compact and light, yet completely effective. These are typically used for crowd control or mass arrest by police departments and government agencies including the military around the world. We additionally recommend anyone who carries off duty or concealed have some method of restraint with them. The alternative is to hold someone at gunpoint until an arresting officer can arrive. This is also a good way for a detective or plain clothes officer to have a restraint option with them at all times. Our patented design is made of FRP and aluminum as well as the textile loops themselves. The aluminum reverse acting spike works with the weave of the textile to prevent the restraints from loosening once tightened. In addition, no special cutter is needed to remove the restraints. The seatbelt cutter carried by most officers or the cutter we sell will remove them quickly. Works for any size wrist, and also can double as a makeshift tourniquet if need be.

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