Microtech Stormtrooper Boxed Set by Overmountain

Microtech Stormtrooper Boxed Set by Overmountain

Our winner who purchased this set is Jacob Martin! Thank you to everyone who participated, we will be posting more contests and giveaways so be sure to check back often! 
*Read Terms of Contest below to enter for the right to buy this set for $575. We have here a one of a kind set, with a personalized clear-top Pelican storage box so you can keep your collector's editions safe and still show them off. Includes the Microtech Ultratech OTF Stormtrooper knife, the Microtech Stormtrooper Siphon II pen, and a nearly impossible to find bronze Death Star bead. Entry for RTB; send an email to GiveawayTime@overmountain.us.com with your name as the subject and in the body add the best way to be contacted and please add where you first saw the contest advertised. Please read Terms before sending- thanks! (This is not a giveaway for the set, but an opportunity to purchase it at a great price, and the runner up receives a giveaway.)

This set is being sold as a Right to Buy contest. What this means is that we will be running advertisments for this set on several outlets, and allowing as many people as possible the chance to buy this set. It was the most fair way we could think of to give as many people the opportunity to buy the set as possible, and not just the first person who happens to see it posted. This is not a giveaway for the set!  Entry terms to follow.


  • How to Enter; Send an email to GiveawayTime@overmountain.us.com with your name as the subject, (if you prefer to remain anonymous, state this in the body of the email.) In the body of the email provide the best way to contact you and where you saw the contest posted. It must be repeated; this is not a giveaway for the set, it just happens to be the email address we use for contests.
  • Rules; Just one. You are required to purchase this set at the asking price within 48 hours of the contest ending.
  • The right to buy is a chance only, not a guarantee. This is being offered as a unique set, assembled by OKT. We will not be offering a set like this again.
  • The contest will run from 9pm EST, Sunday March 12, 2017, through 9pm Sunday March 19, 2017. Any entries before or after those times will not be considered.
  • We will be drawing a name out of the proverbial hat to choose a winner- and we will video tape the drawing in the interest of honesty; one of our sons will be drawing for the set, and the other for the runner up. We will post this drawing on our YouTube channel for verification purposes. We hope you are as excited about this set as we are; may the force be with you!


***There will be a runner-up chosen as stated above. This runner-up will receive a gently pre-owned Kershaw Blur Blackwash Tanto valued at ~$50. If you enter, you will be expected to buy the Stormtrooper Set if your name is drawn. Please respect the spirit of the drawing and do not enter for the sole purpose of winning the Kershaw Blur. We will have contests in the near future that are giveaways only.

In the event of a life-altering emergency or other acceptable reason the original winner cannot pay, the runner-up will be contacted, and a second runner-up will be chosen in the same manner for the giveaway knife.

**If you have any questions after reading these instructions please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to answer you in a timely fashion. Thanks again!

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