El Compinche

El Compinche

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El Compinche is your handy little friend who can go anywhere comfortably. It is a single finger keychain duster and bottle opener, made from solid 1/4" 6AL-4V titanium. Deeply heat-colored with all work done by hand individually gives El Compinche a striking look. Yet it still flies under the radar and has been known to pass airport security in carry-on luggage.
*One left in stock, already finished similar to the last picture here. Beautiful piece.

The El Compinche Ti is a beautifully heat colored keychain bottle opener, and a duster in disguise. It is made from solid 6AL-4V Titanium, so it can take a beating! Translated (from Spanish,) it stands for the minion, and also known as 'they guy who does your dirty work' when translated with some slang. Our customers love the discretion this small little minion affords, and say its "the coolest thing ever" because they "can take it everywhere, even when [they] can't carry a blade!" They truly have been carried all over the world, and they are much more comfortable in your pocket than most other dusters thanks to their size and hand-ground and rounded edges. The heat coloring on these is second to none- it shines gold and 'blurple' in any light you put it in.

Add El Compinche to your EDC list today, and you'll be so glad you did!

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