Bitchin Brewtal

Bitchin Brewtal

Here is one multi-tool you'll want to keep with you all the time! It is a bottle opener, hex-key tool, pry-tool and duster all in one! A unique 1/4" solid titanium, single-finger duster with many uses and many skins.
Updated design!

The Bitchin Brewtal is another take on a single finger duster & multi-tool. It looks very little like a duster, and generally slides right under the radar- exactly where you want it to be. Not only is it a bottle opener, but the tooth of the bottle opener is shaped for a hex-tool, and the tail makes an awesome pry-tool. We have done a run in Ti, which are shown, and have just added a limited run of brass. Our newest brass Brewtal has a hand-beaten and antiqued finish, unless otherwise requested. We can do a simple polished, tumbled or sand-blasted finish in addition if requested, but feel the beaten finish to be the most durable.

The Brewtal has been a popular choice of many for 2 years now, but we have never made more than 100 of any version of it- rest easy in knowing that not only do you gain a valuable tool, but it will never become a drop in the bucket; it will always be part of a unique limited production run unless otherwise stated at time of purchase. The wife has her own Bitchin' Brewtal she carries everywhere she goes- and nobody knows it is a defense tool unless shown or already knowlegable. Reactions always include amazement and a smile.

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