Mean Florence means Shipping Delays...

So, we all know that this hurricane/tropical depression mess is making everything run slow, or worse From there. We are not shipping anything out until at least Monday. This is an educated decision based on knowing our own area, and where our items go after this; they go south. Which would be worse due to all the flooding now. simply put, we know Shipping today means there is the risk of it being lost. Due to our current inventory, if that were to happen then you’d have to wait until we got our next shipment in. So, we decided it better to ask you to wait these couple of days instead of the however long to get stocked back up! We promise we have your best interest at heart.

And to all those who are or will be affected by this hurricane or any of the following, we will help where we are able. We are attempting to plan a trip down to help rebuild, and to teach our children more about helping others, hard work, and humanitarian efforts. We hope we can make this trip happen, but if we can’t, please know our thoughts and prayers are and will be with you.

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