Christmas is coming....

Hey everybody! We hope you are all doing good, and have none of your Christmas shopping done! Ok just kidding, but we do have some awesome USA made gifts that are perfect! Our unique and individually made keychain knuckle-dusters are just the thing for the prepper in your family, the safety-conscious, and anyone else who can use a keychain bottle opener/pry-tool! We also offer screwdriver widgets, and many of our compatible products include the double-ended screwdriver. It is so convenient- I have to say I use mine far more than I ever expected I would! (Sara)

Now for the update you’ve been waiting on- TorchLoks And StickLoks! We ARE working toward it. We apologize profusely for the delay again. We had hoped to restock much more quickly. Much much MUCH faster! Without over-explaining, we ran into a couple small hurdles but we will have them in stock before Christmas, so there is your good news! The bad is I do not have an eta arrival date yet! I promise as soon as I know, you will too. Again, many apologies, we hate the delay and will have them in as soon as we are able.

Additionally; If there is something you desire that we can help you locate, or if we can personalize or customize something for you, send us a line! We will be happy to work with you the best we can. If we can’t make or do it for you, I guarantee we know someone else who could, so long as it is possible. 😉

And, as always; Many thanks for your support- we appreciate every one of our members, customers, and fans. And if you celebrate, and I don’t get a chance to tell you before then- have a wonderful thanksgiving full of family and friends. That’s what it’s about now, to me, no matter the origins, and is why I choose not to capitalize it. Family and friends, and giving thanks. Where would any of us be without it? Nowhere I want to think about, not for long. Have a wonderful week!

Sara and Eric

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