Meet the Overmountain Family

Eric Lucy, Owner/Craftsman/CEO

The heart of Overmountain Knife & Tool is Eric. His passion for knives started when he was a just a boy, and was passed down to him from his grandfather. He began collecting knives at a young age, and had several passed down to him from the family including a 1906 MSA (Marbles) 6" Stag Skinner, the only remaining intact known example in existence, and the pride of our collection.

Eric was brought up in the traditional Appalachian way many young men have been raised for generations. He was taught how to hunt, fish, track, camp and survive without the help of others. He was also taught how to fix everything he was taught to use. His family has a long history of self reliance, as well as a long history of helping others. This led Eric to explore the wild with the Boy Scouts of America where he reached the rank of Eagle Scout. With the scouts and his family, he also learned about the history of the region, and what role our ancestors had played in shaping the region. He worked as an apprentice period blacksmith and farm hand at Rocky Mount Historic Homestead during his high school years. Many of the stories and lessons that captured his imagination involved the 'Overmountain Men' who gathered near his family home and ventured to the Carolinas to fight Ferguson's Red Coats during the revolutionary war.

Eric worked various jobs for several years including stints customizing cars and working in a foundry until he decided to go back to school. During his studies he discovered an attraction to Criminal Justice and pursued his degree from East Tennessee State University. During his studies he had an opportunity to intern with Roan Mountain State Park and researched the trails and camps of the Overmountain Men and their travels through NE Tennessee. Upon graduation he accepted a job with the City of Lakewood, Colorado Police Department in Western Metro Denver.

Eric worked the 'Colfax Corridor' which could be called the bad part of town. During his early years he learned conversational Spanish, learned about his surroundings and how to adapt and work in them, and ultimately succeded in accomplishing many crime reduction goals he had set forth. He worked for a while with the regional Narcotics Task Force in plain clothes investigation or 'undercover' work. His experiences as an outdoorsman assisted him on several occasions during high mountain marijuana eradication operations. Eric had the privilege and opportunity to attend specialized training and instruct in many specialized areas.

When his family returned to SW Virginia 7 years later, he immediately applied with the Abingdon Police Department where he continues to work today. He instructs in multiple specialized areas, works with the SW Virginia Regional Active Methamphetamine Lab Warrant Service Team and is sworn as a Special Deputy with the United States Marshals Capital Area Fugitive Recovery Task Force.

During his law enforcement career, Eric took up competitive shooting with IDPA and USPSA/IPSC, attending several informal meets and three gun competitions. He learned basic gunsmithing and became a Glock and AR-15 armorer and learned precision long range shooting and craft handloading of ammunition. He continues some of these activites today, however no longer has the time to competitively shoot.

Moving back into a larger shop in 2011 allowed Eric to expand his work. He began exploring some of the things he learned as a teen and young adult. More advanced tooling and room allows Eric to work with traditional and advanced materials in a variety of ways. Career and hobbies directed this into the EDC/Prepper world, but he will take on any challenge a customer lays down. He is a member of several professional organizations and constantly strives to make each of our products the best it can be. Eric also openly states he will not sell any item he would not personally carry, and will provide an informed and unbiased opinion of any product when asked.   So trust him... you are in good (if well worn) hands.

Sara Lucy, Co-Owner/Designer/COO

Sara is the wife. The better half and motivation Eric depends on to do what he does. She holds down the fort, designs and edits most of the social media and web content and treats everyone in the Overmountain Family exactly like that. Family.

Sara has been a 'Jill of Many Trades' over the years, and grew up in a family that also placed a high value in the work a man or woman can do with his or her hands. Sara's step-father is an absolute artist in wood and a called upon artist and carpenter relied upon by many in the area fixing up distinguished historic homes in and around the town of Abingdon. So Sara is no stranger to the smell of fresh cut hardwood, and also knows quality when she sees it. She was also brought up knowing how to survive in the woods and with a healthy respect of the outdoors. And just like Eric, listened to many stories of our Pioneer forefathers and was motivated by their successes and failures.

Sara has been a salesperson in many specialized areas during the few times family needs didn't dictate she be a mother or wife first. This includes work as a licensed Realtor and a licensed insurance saleswoman. Her longest stint was spent as a salesperson in a very high end jewelry store/diamond brokerage firm. She watched as the shop craftsman made custom pieces and made repairs, and learned how to spot true quality and aristic value. Relying on this is what allows her to speak with confidence when we are representing an item as she too will not sell an item she doesn't have 100% confidence in.

Together, Sara and Eric share in raising their children with the same values and skills they posess. Their growing abilities include shooting, hunting, fishing, raising a garden for food

Sara is as comfortable in the outdoors as her husband, and can usually be heard begging to go camping when time allows- which she says can never be often enough! Relaxing by the fire or slinging a lure out onto rippling waters displace the images of Gucci or Prada purses many women may have filling their dreams. The smell of a campfire and the taste of a flame cooked meal among her favorite things. In all Sara is a true Overmountain Woman, and the perfect co-owner and Corporate Operations Officer for Overmountain Knife and Tool.